Halton Transport


Halton Transport is one of the few remaining Municipal Bus Companies in the UK. Its origins can be traced back to Widnes Corporation which began operation on Good Friday, April 9th 1909. The company changed its name to Halton Transport in 1974 with the local authority boundary changed, where Widnes was moved from Lancashire into Cheshire.

Widnes/Halton has ran mainly Leyland manufactured vehicles, but in recent times has standardised on Dennis producrs, with the current fleet being made up mainly of Dennis Darts, Dennis Enviro 200's, Optare Solo's and two Fiat minibuses ran on behalf of Halton Council.


Halton is better know for its connections with products from Leyland's Workington Factory, with various firsts and lasts being owned, including the first single door national, the very last National (part of the groups collection) and the very last Leyland Lynx.


Prior to thisBristol RE's with Leyland engines were the favoured one man single decker, with the last Bristol RELL being delivered in 1975.


There are currently two preserved Halton buses in our collection, details of which can be found by clicking on the reg number of the bus at the side of this page.