0238 (F238 YTJ)



F238 YTJ


Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ


Alexander RH




Cummins LT10-245


ZF Ecomat 4HP500 (4 Speed Auto)


April 1989

Current Status:

Restored and in use


Following deregulation the newly formed Merseybus inherited an elderly fleet which urgently needed investment.

In 1988 and order was placed for 70 Leyland Olympians with a mixture of Northern Counties and Alexander bodies, and 25 MCW Metrobuses.


The Olympians were split amongst the garages, the first Northern Counties examples going to Laird Street whilst the Alexander examples went to Garston, Speke, Green Lane and Edge Lane. The Metrobuses went to Gillmoss.

0238 was delivered to Merseybus in April 1989 and was a South Liverpool bus being based at Garston and Speke Garages. She was new in the Maroon and Cream livery.

In 1993, 0238 was stolen from outside Garston Garage and driven down towards Garston Docks and left abandoned in the dock. Assistance to recover 0238 came from all MTL “Jack Waggons” and a large crane hired in. 0238 was sent to Edge Lane for repair and she lived to see another day returning to service in the new MTL livery of red and cream with Merseybus logos.

Upon the closure of Garston Garage in August 1996, 0238 was transferred to nearby Speke.

0238 was a regular private hire bus at Speke being tachograph fitted and was a regular on MTL’s Night Bus network due to her being fitted with a two way radio and assault screen. 0238 also received MTL North fleetnames during a re-branding of the MTL fleet in 1998.

In Feburary 2000 MTL was sold to Arriva and 0238 along with the rest of the MTL fleet gained Arriva serving Merseyside logos over her MTL North fleetnames.

0238 was withdrawn in 2001 and sold to Bullock’s coaches of Cheadle. During her time at Bullock’s 0238 lost her Vultron electronic destinations and had a Northern Counties front dash fitted.

Bullock’s bus services were purchased by Stagecoach late in 2008 and 0238 became 14438 in the Stagecoach Manchester fleet allocated to Stockport. Her stay at Stagecoach however was brief and in early 2009 she was withdrawn.

0238 was a favourite bus of James Rowlands during his time working at Speke Garage and enquiries were made to purchase 0238 from Stagecoach. 0238 was collected from Glossop Garage and driven back home and preservation immediately began.

0238 now sports MTL North livery and forms part of the NWVRT collection.

Thanks to all who have assisted with 0238 and Stagecoach Manchester for their invaluable help with purchasing the vehicle.