0317 (R317 WVR)



R317 WVR


Volvo Olympian-49


Northern Counties Palatine II
NC 6223 




Volvo TD102KF


ZF Ecomat ZF 5HP500 (4 Speed Auto)


June 1998

Current Status:

Under Restoration



R317 WVR is a Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian new to MTL North based at Gillmoss garage. 0317 was one of a batch of 22 vehicles delivered for routes 4,5 and 14 and received route branding for this network and were known as “The Millennium Fleet”. They wore the attractive MTL red and cream livery. The 22 new vehicles were joined by three similar earlier Olympians with a similar body design which were new to Liverbus and joined the MTL fleet upon the takeover of that concern. The former Liverbus examples did not receive “Millennium Fleet” branding and had subtle differences in the livery applications.

The “Millenuim Fleet” were MTL’s last new double deck buses delivered before the Arriva takeover and following the MTL takeover the Millenium’s lost their route branding and the MTL fleet names were covered over with Arriva ones.

Arriva were forced to divest some of their Merseyside operations following the MTL takeover by the Monopolies and Mergers committee and Gillmoss Garage was put up for sale. Arriva transferred several routes from Gillmoss to its other garages most of the newer buses were transferred to other garages including the Millenium Fleet, the Wright bodied Volvo B10’s and Scanias. Older Leyland Titans and Metrobuses from other Arriva fleets were brought in as replacements at Gillmoss.

0317 since leaving Gillmoss has worked from Speke, Green Lane, Laird Street and Bolton garages, she has carried the standard Arriva livery and now sports the Interurban livery which has been adopted across the fleet.

Due to a massive fleet investment by Arriva, 3317 as she had now become, was surplus and enquiries were made by the NWVRT to secure one of the batch for preservation. 3317 was examined and was in excellent condition and still retaining many of her original features. In May 2013, 3317 joined the NWVRT collection at Kirkby and will be restored to her former glory very soon!

The NWVRT would like to thank Arriva for their generous assistance with the purchase of this bus.