6592 (N592 CKA)



N592 CKA


Volvo B10B-58


Wright Endurance




Volvo THD101


Voith D854.3


October 1995

Current Status:

Restored and In Use.



Volvo B10B, N592 CKA was new to MTL Merseybus at Garston Garage on 24th November 1995 it was fitted with the attractive Wright Endurance body, 6592 was one of 120 similar vehicles delivered to MTL to improve age profile of the elderly inherited fleet.


6592 was intially route branded for the 81 “Queens Drive Cruiser” service and remained a Garston bus until that depot was closed and operations merged with the low cost Mersey Rider unit at Speke in August 1996.


6592 at Heath Common - © Tom Harrison


6592 lost her route branding and eventually gained the basic MTL North logos and was used on a variety of services. 6592 lead an uneventful life at Speke and was a regular performer on MTL’s night bus network, gaining a radio for these duties.


similar 6598 queens drive cruiser livery


With the Arriva take over of MTL, 6592 remained a Speke bus, initially having Arriva serving Merseyside logos applied over her MTL fleet names and eventually she gained Arriva corporate livery.


6592 was one of the last of the original Speke B10’s to leave, most others being transferred upon arrival of newer low floor buses. In 2005 6592 left South Liverpool for pastures new, first stop was Laird Street garage in Birkenhead, that depot never having a B10 allocation from new. 6592’s stay was brief and she moved onto Green Lane Garage becoming a regular performer on the 26/27 Shiel Road Circular up until her withdrawal in September 2011.


The bus is now preserved by the NWVRT and is a welcome addition to the ranks of preserved MTL buses.



Thanks must be given to Arriva North West for their invaluable help in the purchase of this vehicle for the NWVRT and their continued support.



Restoration was undertaken on the interior by our younger members, with seats and seat backs being returned to original MTL condition and the handrails repainted orange, the next step was to rub the existing Arriva paint down and then it was restored to it's MTL Livery after a good few coats of paint.