7227 (L227 TKA)



L227 TKA


Volvo B6-50


Plaxton Pointer




Volvo D6A


ZF 4HP500


May 1994

Current Status:

Restored and in use



Merseyside Transport Limited 7227 was purchased by its employees in 1993 and inherited an elderly fleet, major fleet investment was urgently required.


MTL invested in more modern vehicles including second hand Leyland Titans from London Buses, 120 Volvo B10B single decks with Wright bodies, 11 Optare Metrorider minibuses and 50 Volvo B6 single decks with Plaxton bodywork, 7227 being one of the latter.


7227 entered service in 1994 allocated to MTL Manchester, an operation set up by MTL to compete with the recently split GM Buses companies.


She was route branded for the 135/136 corridor and was soon reallocated to Merseybus based at Garston upon the closure of MTL Manchester being used as a “battle bus” against the plethora of smaller operators attacking the MTL network.


7227 then moved to Speke Garage at the time the base of the low cost Mersey Rider company, in exchange for the three Alexander Strider bodied Volvo B10’s. The two operations were merged very shortly after and 7227 was used mainly on commercial routes 33/35/38 and a variety of Merseytravel tenders being operated from Speke.


In 1998 7227 lost her Merseybus logos in favour of the new MTL North image. 7227 remained a Speke bus after the Arriva takeover of MTL and became a regular on the 79 corridor along with several other B6’s transferred to Speke from other garages of the former MTL empire, and a repaint into Arriva corporate livery followed.


In 2002 Speke lost their B6 allocation and 7227 moved to St Helens Garage, then to Manchester and back to St Helens where she remained until purchased by James Rowlands for preservation in 2009.


7227 was repainted by Mat Southart at St Helens garage and is preserved in Merseybus livery as she was as a Speke / Garston bus.


The bus is enjoying an extended period off the road while volunteers perform multiple tasks on the vehicle before being re-MOT'd and taxed for this year's rally season.


7227 after restoration

Thanks to Arriva for their invaluable help with purchasing the vehicle.