5014 (J654 UHN)



J654 UHN


Leyland Lynx MK2 LX2R11C15Z4S 


Leyland Lynx MK2




Cummins L10


ZF Ecomat 4HP500 (4 Speed Auto)


October 1991

Current Status:

Being Prepared for Rallying



5014 was new to United Automobile Services in the North East of England, before going on to serve Arriva North East, then eventually Arriva North West, at Winsford and Chester.

It was then retired from service, however unlike many other buses in similar positions, it's time with Arriva didn't end there. It was converted by Pickerings (The same people who have recently converted a large amount of Bendy Buses for use in Liverpool with Arriva) into an exhibition unit, a conversion of which the cost is rumored to have been in 5 figures!

Following conversion, it was painted all over blue and body wrapped for use as a Healthy Schools Bus by Everton Football Club. It toured many schools in the local area encouraging children about the importance of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

It was later joined in this role by Ex MTL North 6501 L501 TKA (Which has now unfortunately been scrapped) until being taken off the road in 2010. Its been sitting in Arriva's Body and Paint centre at the old Liverline depot in Bootle ever since!

We fast forward 2 years, and it finally has a certain future, in preservation, following life with Arriva, they very kindly donated the vehicle to the trust. Work soon started on 654, with the old advertising vinyl wrap being removed in its entirety. Work continued with volunteers sanding down the exterior, while also clearing out all documents relating to its previous role that were left on the bus during its period of storage with Arriva. The rear corners were both removed as they were both damaged beyond repair. Repaint then commenced, being carried out by 2 volunteers over a period of 1 month, and by June 2013, the repaint was completed and logos applied. Unfortunately the bus' new lease of life didn't being there due to continuing difficulties sourcing correctly fitting rear corners for the bus. 654 thus took a back seat until December 2013, when work re-commenced by clearing the bus off of parts that had been temporarily stored there while it wasn't in use. A much need scrub was given and the flawless finish achieved when painted soon returned. In February 2014, the offer arose for the vehicle to pay a visit to our friends at Arriva St Helens Body and Engine Repair Shop for their skilled workers to manufacture 2 new corners for the rear end. Following it's return, finishing touches will be made to the interior and exterior before a full mechanical check over, which will then allow it to go out and about on the road promoting the group.

The vehicle was on display at the groups 2012 open day, and I recall over hearing a small child dragging his Dad over to this bus and say "This is the bus that came to our school Daddy!", It just goes to show every bus holds some sort of memory for someone out there, enthusiast or not!