1055 (A135 HLV)



A135 HLV


Leyland Atlantean AN68D/1R


Alexander AL




April 1984

Current Status:

Restored and in use



1055 was delivered new to Merseyside PTE in April 1985 allocated to Walton Garage. It was used mainly on cross Liverpool routes 20/21/25 and 85. On 26 th October 1986, deregulation day, 1055 passed to the newly formed Merseybus (Merseyside Transport Ltd) company.

From January 1989 until June 1990, she carried an overall advert for Fuji Films. In July 1991 Walton garage shut it’s doors for good and 1055 was transferred to Green Lane. Between April and July 1991 1055 was loaned to Edge Lane in exchange for 1022.


St Helens became her next home from August 1992 and 1055 was regularly seen on MTL routes into Manchester during a bus war with GM Buses. During this time 1055 received Lancashire Travel fleet names in place of Merseybus.

July 1994 saw 1055 back at Green Lane briefly until transfer to the new low cost Mersey Rider unit at Speke Garage. 1055 moved down the road to Garston briefly but was back in Speke when Garston’s operations were merged into Speke Garage. During this time 1055 received the MTL corporate livery.

Deliveries of Marshall bodied Dennis Dart SLF's for route 79 made several Atlanteans surplus at Speke and 1055 was transferred to Heysham in October 1999. Officially 1055 was earmarked for the driving school but never made it! 1055 became an Arriva bus briefly in February 2000 upon the take over of MTL, by June 2000 she became a Stagecoach bus.

1055 was withdrawn by Stagecoach later in 2000, and she passed to James Rowlands via Taylors Coaches. 1055 operated briefly for Bettabus in an overall advert for Radio City.

She was initially preserved in Merseybus Maroon and Cream but now sports MTL Merseybus Red and cream livery.