1 (FHF 451)



FHF 451


Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1


Metro Cammell Weymann




December 1968

Current Status:

Undergoing routine maintenance.



Owned by the 201 Bus Group, this vehicle is simply stored at our premises. This is the first production Leyland Atlantean, prior to delivery it was used by Leyland vehicles as a demonstrator in the Wallasey Corporation livery. It entered service with Wallasey on 8th December 1958. Being produced separately from the other Wallasey Atlanteans it has many differences that made it totally unique.


The Atlantean was revolutionary as it was the first bus to put the engine at the rear to allow an entrance ahead of the front axle. It had a capacity of 77 passengers which was a great improvement over the 56 seats in earlier buses. The Atlanteans still had to operate with conductors before legislation was changed to allow one-man operated double-deck buses.


Wallasey 1 at Seacombe Ferry - © Barrie Schofield 

Number 1 operated with Wallasey Corporation until the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive took over in 1969. Due to the repetition of fleet numbers in the consolidation of so many fleets, the MPTE where forced to change many fleetnumbers. Number 1 became 201 (hence 201 Bus Group) and was painted into the MPTE Wirral division livery (Blue and cream).


It served the MPTE until it was finally withdrawn in 1977 after nineteen years service. It is now back in the original Wallasey Corporation livery, but still has some later refinements. The seating capacity has been reduced by one seat on the upper deck to accommodate a driver’s periscope, when delivered it was not intended for one-man operation and hence did not need one.


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